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In regards to rehabilitation of mine sites, the Christmas Island mining operation is different to most mainland mining operations.

PRL is required to pay a conservation levy ($2.40 per tonne of phosphate) to Government. This normally equates of a payment of around $1.5 million per annum to the Government which is used for rehabilitation of mine sites and other conservation programmes such as the control of invasive species as the Government see fit.

Parks Australia decides where and how to spend the resources available for rehabilitation. Parks Australia may in fact divert these monies to rehabilitate old government mining fields outside of the PRL lease. Some areas are rehabilitated to a very high standard costing up to $250,000 per hectare. Due to the high cost of the rehabilitation methods employed, there are insufficient funds to rehabilitate all mining fields and Parks Australia determines which areas will not be rehabilitated.

It is important to acknowledge that PRL have no control over the methods, areas or cost efficiency of the rehabilitation program. This is entirely the responsibility of Parks Australia.

PRL has obligations under the Mining Act, and in accordance with the mining lease as well as conditions relating to retention of backfill, equipment for rehabilitation and obligations for surrender.

rehabilitation on Christmas Island