Environment & Community

Protecting the Environment

Christmas Isand is a wonderful and unique place. 63% of the island’s ecology is made up of national parks. These are not subject to mining or built environments, and are protected for the enjoyment of locals, including our staff, and tourists alike. Furthermore 75% of the original plantlife on the island has been untouched since the island was first habituated (as it had no indigent population prior to colonialization).

Phosphate Resources has a deep respect for the environment and is committed to ensuring that Christmas Island remains a ecologically rick and bio-diverse place. Our people who work on island also live on the island – this has contributed to our ethos of supporting the living environment on-island.

As part of our commitment to the environment, the company has put in place numerous programs and has invested millions, to help protect and foster the environment on Christmas Island. Following are a number of the programs we have put in place: