Environment & Community

Occupational Health and Safety

PRL is committed to ensuring the safety and health of employees and all involved on the mine site remains our top priority.
The Company strongly believes that all accidents are preventable on and off the job. We have strong focus on all risk related processes related and hazard identification.

Safety & Health Policy

The prime objective of PRL safety and health policy is to develop and nurture the processes and culture which ensures the safety and health of all our employees, contractors, customers and the communities associated with our operations and activities.

We have articulated the following beliefs to support this objective:

  • No business objective will take priority over safety and health.
  • Overall responsibility for providing a safe place of work rests with the Company.
  • Accountability for providing and maintaining a safe work environment rests with every individual.
  • All individuals have the responsibility to identify and eliminate or manage the risks associated with their workplace.
  • All accidents and injuries are preventable on and off the job.
  • Legal obligations will be minimum requirements for our safety and health standards.
  • Individuals will be trained and equipped to have the skills and facilities to ensure an accident free workplace.

Legislation and Compliance

The mining operations on Christmas Island operate directly under the Western Australian Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994:

At the core of our occupational safety and health policy and quality continuous improvement program is the Compliance Committee. The committee meets monthly to review audit outcomes, develop new and review existing procedures and recommend corrective or preventative actions. The committee reviews are regularly reported to senior management and the workforce at large.

Across the entire PRL group we are committed to a safe work environment and the continuous development of processes, technology and procedures that reduce risk.