Environment & Community

Mining Lease

PRL hold a number of mining leases issued under the Mining Act 1978 (W.A.)(C.I.). The principle mining lease covers 1685 ha (as at December 2017) and expires in 2034. PRL has four other smaller leases covering an additional 102.2 ha. The leases outline conditions that must be met by PRL including the payment of royalties, rainforest protection, mine management, road maintenance and the implementation of an Environmental Management Plan.

PRL also holds an exploration licence under the Mining Act 1978 (WA) (CI) for areas of Unallocated Crown Lands (UCL) on the eastern side of the island. The licence provides the authority for PRL to undertake future exploration activities, subject to environmental approvals.  An application for environmental approval to undertake exploration is currently being considered by Government.  More information can be obtained here.