Sponsorship & Donation

By Phosphate Resources in Community

Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL) are proud to be a part of a diverse and lively culture on Christmas Island, that celebrates sports, arts, history and education within a vibrant community. We are committed to the cultural, social and economic development of Christmas Island, and have created an annual Sponsorship and Donation Program that allows us to directly support initiatives that develop these values on Christmas Island.

The Program is open for submissions from individuals, groups and organisations on Christmas Island. We invite applications for anything from sporting associations, arts and culture to learning, legacy and infrastructure development. Funding for the 2018-2019 Financial Year is now open to the following categories:

  • Sports
  • History
  • Arts & Culture
  • Religious
  • Community
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Legacy

There are many instrumental ways the Island Community comes together to create our unique Christmas Island culture. PRL want to provide groups and individuals within the community a voice for the development of initiatives, and the means to action their goals. Through this Program, we are able to identify and support proposals that are most important to the Community.

In the past, PRL have provided financial assistance to the Christmas Island Tourism Association, Christmas Island District High School and the Volunteer Marine Rescue. Our support has provided training opportunities and encouraged students’ academic achievement. You can read more about our previous funding and involvement with various cultural groups on Island, here.

Our fundamental aim is to enrich life on the Island for the Christmas Island Community. This Program is part of our long-term vision and contribution to the Island beyond our mining operations. We take pride in our commitment to the Community and hope to continue this Program for many years to come.

The Sponsorship & Donation Program is formalised by a committee and follows set criteria for allocation of funds. The second round of applications for the 2018-2019 Financial Year is now open and will be so until the 31st of October.

To find our more information on this exclusive program, download our Sponsorship & Donation Program flyer, advising all important dates in relation to submission of applications. If you have any queries about the Program, please send an email to