The Facts about Claims by Birdlife Australia and Birdlife International

By Phosphate Resources in Environment

Phosphate Resources Limited is seeking environmental approval for exploration clearing covering a very small area (0.07 km2which is less than 0.07 % of the Island’s 101 km2 of intact vegetation, or 0.05% of the Island). This will involve clearing of predominantly understory vegetation along previously cleared exploration lines, and avoids all areas of high biodiversity or special features. […]

CIP and Generational Mining

By Phosphate Resources in Community

For many years the notion of generational mining was the cornerstone of the global Mining industry to manage attrition and recruitment. If your parents worked in mining, there was a high likelihood their children would find a career in the industry and often in the same Mine as their parents. However, Mining has boomed globally […]

Protecting the Abbott’s booby on Christmas Island

By Phosphate Resources in Environment

Abbott’s booby is an Endangered seabird in the Sulidae family, which includes boobies and the closely related gannets. Christmas Island is home to three Booby species; the brown booby, red-footed booby and Abbott’s booby. Abbott’s booby (Papasula abbotti) is genetically distinct from other boobies which belong to the Sula genus. It is thought to have […]

The Christmas Island Hawk-Owl

By Phosphate Resources in Environment

Phosphate Resources is committed to ensuring the Island’s unique flora and fauna is maintained for future generations. We are pleased to be supporting a conservation project for the Christmas Island hawk-owl coordinated by Range to Reef Environmental. This collaborative project with the Christmas Island District High School aims to evaluate the conservation value of artificial […]