CIP spends $3 million to further reduce dust emissions

By Phosphate Resources in Environment,Mining Developments

Christmas Island Phosphate has installed an innovative, more efficient loading system to further reduce phosphate dust emissions while loading ships at Christmas Island.


Two Cleveland Cascade loading chutes have been installed at a cost of $3 million. These chutes use an innovative system of inclined cones that control the descent of phosphate preventing particle separation, which means most dust generation can be eliminated at the source.

Two engineers from Cleveland Cascades Ltd travelled to Christmas Island in August to set up and commission the new system. CIP and CSFS employees also received training on the operation, maintenance and cleaning of the chutes.

The Cleveland Cascade team and CIP oversaw the loading of three ships and reported the chutes worked efficiently with a noticeable reduction in dust emissions.picture5

Christmas Island is an open seaport and is one of the most difficult ports in the world in which to load ships. The port is a coastal breakwater with poor shelter and many weather challenges. The weather constantly affects loading operations and the effectiveness of our dust minimisation strategies.

However, CIP are confident that our investment in this new technology will improve our efficiency and further reduce our environmental footprint.

CIP thanks our employees, contractors, Christmas Island Port employees and the Commonwealth for their support for this project.