A Melting Pot of Cultures

By Phosphate Resources in Community

There’s no denying that the history and diversity of people, language and custom has greatly influenced the unique culture of Christmas Island, as evident in the melting pot of personalities and the range of ethnic festivals and celebrations witnessed throughout the year. Born out of discovery and a more recent colonization, Christmas Island is a […]

Feral Cats: A Menace to the Fauna of Christmas Island

By Phosphate Resources in Environment

What’s the Issue? Christmas Island was first settled in 1888 and since that date the introduction of flora and fauna has had an enormous impact on the Island. Cats were introduced in 1888 (Tidemann 1994; Algar and Johnston 2010) and well established by 1904 (EWG 2010). They were quickly followed by other invasive species including […]

Christmas Island Water

By Phosphate Resources in Environment

Christmas Island, despite having high rainfall (so far 4,853mm have fallen in 2016!), lacks permanent surface water, and the ground water resources are poorly understood.  Fresh water for the community is currently sourced from a series of boreholes and cave systems, for example Jedda Cave.