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Company History

2020 marks an important anniversary – 30 years since Phosphate Resources was established. The mine’s history goes back all the way to 1896 and is deeply entwined with both South East Asian communities who emigrated to the island and with Australia’s colonial past.

A turbulent part of its history came in 1987 when the previous operator (the Australian Government) made the decision to close the mine.

Phosphate Resources was formed in 1990, the product of community activism and the hard work of a group of the previous company’s staff, led by a number of key people including our current Managing Director Lai Ah Hong. Mr Lai and his colleagues worked tirelessly to undertake gruelling negotiations with the government of the time to have the mine reopened.

The positive economic and social impact of the mine to the island and its people was at the heart of their endeavour to reopen the mine, providing employment for the local community along with tax income for the government and supplying quality phosphate to customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Since 1990 Phosphate Resources has grown our products and services both on Christmas Island and closer to our customers, but continues to remain committed in our purpose of helping feed the world’s growing population, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Phosphate Resources Limited - Company history